The Girl

IMG_1979 Storyboard

The Girl


[Opening scene]


Mark and Jared are walking up the stairs from TDR. Throughout the conversation, they walk towards a table in MGC to sit down. They are wearing normal, everyday clothes and backpacks. There is a calculator slightly hanging out of Jared’s backpack.


Jared: So are you excited for your date tonight?

Mark: Yeah, I really like this girl.

Jared: What are you guys gonna do?
Mark: I’m not sure yet, probably just watch a movie.

Jared: Cool cool.

Mark: What’re you up to tonight?

Jared: Nothing really, I have a lot of work to do before my date tomorrow night.

Mark: Oh right! Are you excited for that?

Jared: Yeah, we’ve gone out a few times already. She’s pretty awesome; should be a good time.

Mark: That’s sick, man. Well I’ve gotta go meet up with this girl, so I’ll see you tomorrow.

Jared: Okay, see ya.


Jared sits down at the table and pulls out his calculator. Mark walks away.


[Fade out]

[Fade in]


The scene opens on Mark and Melissa sitting on a couch in the Sky Lounge watching a movie. Mark’s arm is around Melissa’s shoulder and they are quiet.


Mark: Hey, I like your hair.

Melissa: Thanks!


After a few moments, Jared walks into the Sky lounge. He doesn’t notice them at first. When he does see the couple, he drops his backpack and the calculator falls out.


Jared [angry]: Melissa?! This is the girl you were talking about?


Melissa pulls away from Mark, surprised and embarrassed. Mark looks back and forth between Melissa and Jared confused.


Mark: Yeah! You know Melissa?

Jared: Of course I know her; we’re dating!

Mark: No, we’re dating.


Mark gets up from the couch angrily.


Jared: Back off of my girl, Mark.

Mark: She’s mine. You better back off.

Jared: I think we should take this out to the hallway.


Mark storms out into the hallway. Jared stops to pick up his backpack and calculator and then follows. Melissa follows quietly, slightly amused.


Jared: I can’t believe that’s the girl you’re on a date with, I told you how much I liked her.

Mark: You never told me her name, how was I supposed to know it was the same girl?

Jared: We’ve been dating for longer.

Mark: So?

Jared: So back off.

Mark [sarcastic]: Yeah, okay.

She obviously likes me better.

Melissa: Guys, settle down, seriously.


Jared pulls his calculator out of his back pocket and throws it at Mark. Mark falls back for a moment, but recovers and punches Jared in the face. They continue to chase each other and fight in the middle of the hallway until Jared knocks out Mark. Jared then smiles, puts his arm around Melissa, and they leave through the elevator.




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