“Immensely Inferior”- Final Project Proposal

Shaena Alfonsi

“Immensely Inferior”

A Photo Essay






The format is going to be a photo essay depicting the relationship between humans and animals at the zoo. It will consist of seven photographic prints in a photojournalism style.  As of now the prints are planning to be in color but if I can make a big enough impact in my photos I may turn to black and white for a more dramatic effect.




The theme of my final project deals with how humans view other species. My client is going to be the animals and visitors at The National Zoo in Northwest, DC. I came about this simply by just thinking about biodiversity and how these large animals should be superior to us humans but they aren’t. If you think of a child looking up at all of these animals in the zoo, these elephants and lions could easily eat them. However, these massive animals are inferior to humans because they are stuck behind bars or fences.




I hope to open people’s eyes about the importance of biodiversity and that animals are just as important as humans. Everyday animals habitats are being cut down and ruined, what if that happened to us humans? Humans take a lot of things for granted, and I think a realization needs to happen regarding to treatment of animals. This especially comes into play in a zoo where animals are trapped in these small habitats. Humans walk around seeing dozens of different types of animals that live in all sorts of different climates all in stuffed into one park.








My final project shoot schedule will begin this upcoming weekend with a visit to The National Zoo. I hope to have all of my shots before I leave but depending on weather, and the type of shots I gather I may have to go back one more time. In order to capture a variety of photos I am going to bring a list of the different types of shots. This pre production step will help me while I am at the zoo stay focused and capture an assortment of shots. Within the next two weeks I hope to have my final seven shots chosen and my story background completed. My production journal will be completed throughout the project, therefore I can remember specific details that occurred during the creation of my photo essay.




One specific fact that I found while researching really helped influence my theme of these animals having no home and feeling inferior to all the humans looking at them everyday. “Each time an acre of land is lost, species that once lived there may be lost as well. Rain forests, for example, are areas with high biodiversity, and wide swaths are being destroyed by humans.” The loss of biodiversity is increasing and the public needs to become aware of its outcomes.




I really hope that the public eye views my work and comes to a realization that these animals need to be saved. Not only the animals in the zoo, but their habitats all around the world that are destroyed every day. This could help save species from going extinct and keep biodiversity from decreasing.



“The Loss of Biodiversity.” Biology Biozine. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Apr. 2013. <http://biologybiozine.com/articles/unit-8-animals/the_loss_of_biodiversity-php>.


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