Immensely Inferior







Technical Information:

Sony Cyber-shot, 14.1 megapixel


Image #1: 2717 × 3273

Image #2: 3667 × 2280

Image #3: 3389 × 2839

Image #4: 3321 × 2380

Image #5: 2434 × 3520

Image #6: 4295 × 2771

Image #7: 3383 × 2587

Image #8: 3323 × 2112

The Story Behind The Cage

There are two sides to every story. There are pros and cons to every situation. Examining each side and each detail can help better understand the problem at hand. Biodiversity is an ongoing obstacle that many species are affected by. Humans are fighting for land to develop agriculture and animals are fighting for their natural habitat. It seems as if humans have won when referring to the idea of zoos’. As the animals are caged into small environments replicating their natural habitat, humans come to observe and take pictures fascinated at what they are looking at. On the other hand, the animals living in the zoo are sometimes threatened or abandoned species that are saved by given a place to call home. There are many pros and cons to the idea of a zoo and that is what this photo essay illustrates.

Each image depicts either the emotion the animal feels behind its cage or the way the humans look at the species from a far. Selecting a wide array of animals from cats to birds really sets the tone for the story. Although these animals are widely different in regards to habitat, and ways of life they share the same feeling trapped behind the glass or fence. The animals may be wondering why they are stuck in this unnecessary prison while hundreds stare at them all day long. Flash after flash their picture is stored on another phone or camera. Their natural behavior is restricted because their space is limited and they have been taken from their natural habitat. They have no where to run, some no one to play with, they are isolated and unloved. The humans looking back at them are intrigued and fascinated by the assortment of species they can look at all in one park. Many come for an educational experience learning all sorts of different facts about the animals they are looking at. Others come to walk or jog all the different paths to get their daily exercise while being entertained at the same time. A zoo is a place children can come to learn and familiarize themselves with all the varying types of animals. It is a place where they can feel in control verse these animals triple their size. They are able to scream and point without getting in trouble and the innocent animals can’t do anything about it. It is also a place where researchers can study animals who are in need of treatment or endangered. These animals are rescued and give their species a chance to survive extinction.

Again there are two sides to every story, weighing the pros and cons of a zoo is complex. Everyone has their own opinion but their true viewpoint on this controversial topic can be found in which image evokes more emotion for the individual. Is it the guiltless animal or the excited crowd that stays in your head? Most humans would agree the innocence would linger with them yet take no action to execute a change. When do we stop destroying land and endangering species all over the world? At some point an understanding needs to transpire that us humans are just another species and should be treated in comparison with these animals. The ecosystem is everyone’s and our daily ways need to undergo a change to accommodate everyone.


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